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App tracks Alberta energy prices
by Matt Dykstra, Edmonton Sun (July 31, 2014)

app tracks Alberta energy pricesAn Alberta energy economist has launched a new smartphone app that aims to make the province's deregulated electricity market "visible" so people know when they should unplug.

On Wednesday, the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) asked Albertans to turn off unnecessary lights and electrical appliances as the hot weather combined with low wind and two offline power plants pushed the system closer to full capacity.

David Gray, President of Gray Energy Economics and former head of Alberta's Utilities Consumer Advocate, said power prices soared this week because the market's electricity reserves couldn't match consumer demand, which reached a record 10,413 MW on Tuesday.

"It's because we're running short on generation for our market reliability that we're seeing these problems"¦ the rate of growth in these plants hasn't kept up with the rate of demand at the peak," he said.

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Smartphone app puts wholesale power price at fingertips
by David Howell, Edmonton Journal (July 30, 2014)

Smartphone puts wholesale power price fingertipsAn Edmonton company says its new smartphone app makes the real-time Alberta wholesale electricity price “as easy to read as a mood ring.”

The Alberta Power Price App from Gray Energy Economics Inc. provides information on wholesale prices and overall electric system demand.

Numbers and charts are shown in an easy-to-read format and updated every two minutes.

Any time the price goes up by 25 cents per kilowatt hour, the colour on that part of the screen turns red. Whenever the wholesale price exceeds 75 cents per kWh, users get notified.

App users can scroll through a list of appliances from air conditioners to waffle irons to learn what it would cost to run them for an hour or a year at the current wholesale price.

The app is available free for Apple iOS, Android and Windows mobile operating systems.

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Alberta energy economist takes closer look at summer power prices
CBC News (July 29, 2014)

Alberta electric systemAlberta electricity prices reached 90 cents per kilowatt hour – equivalent to about $7 to wash and dry a load of laundry – this afternoon, according to an energy economist.

Energy economist David Gray blames the high rates on TransCanada, arguing the company is taking advantage of economic withholding rules and cutting back power production at six of its coal-fired power generating stations.

Economic withholding, charge critics, is a strategy where electricity companies intentionally reduce power production, creating an electricity shortage that leads to higher energy prices.

"High prices and and high volatility, which we have lots of in this market, add up into everyone's bill," Grey said.

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How is Alberta’s deregulated electricity market holding up?
Alberta Venture (Jan 8, 2014)

Alberta deregulated energy marketIt was a Monday just like any other – right up until the moment that it wasn’t. On July 9, 2012, Albertans across the province cranked their air conditioners, turned up their fans and did anything else they could to help them contend with the 30-plus degree temperatures and sweltering humidity blanketing the province.

In the process, they drove demand for electricity to an all-time summer high of 9,885 MW – and at 2:10 in the afternoon the grid finally buckled. That’s when the Alberta Electricity System Operator declared a power emergency and triggered rolling blackouts across the province in an effort to prevent a more catastrophic outcome.

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Deregulation is no Alberta Advantage, says former Utilities Consumer Advocate ex director
Calgary Herald (June 10, 2013)

David GrayFormer Utilities Consumer Advocate executive director David Gray has launched a newsletter called the Black & White Report to advise Alberta electricity consumers on the intricacies of the deregulated electricity market.

Gray doesn’t mince words. His first three issues in May offered readers some blunt advice. May 1: Get the hell off the regulated rate. May 15: Is your grocer green? He must have just read his power bill. And May 29: Alberta has no utility debt … Big Whoop, Albertans sure do.

Gray has launched the free newsletter though his consulting company Gray Energy Economics. Gee, that’s quite the moniker.

His latest missive is a 25-page report that rates the various retail electricity and natural gas plans available. It’s the kind of advice most Albertans should welcome because few people understand the deregulated market. And for good reason: no one thought they were going to have to purchase electricity.

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Tracking energy prices
Alberta Primetime (Original Air Date: July 29, 2014)

Alberta Prime TimeDavid Grey, from Grey Energy Economics Inc., says that energy companies are manipulating supply and keeping production low during the hot summer months.


To fight back, he’s got a free app that will track energy prices and help you conserve when they’re high.

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TransAlta allegations
Alberta Primetime (Original Air Date: March 03, 2014)

Alberta Prime TimeAccusations of generating profits through decidedly unscrupulous measures have been leveled at TransAlta, and it’s sparked concerns about regulations in Alberta’s deregulated electricity market.


David Gray, from Gray Energy Economics Inc, is here to tell us more.

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Long weekend electricity shortage
Alberta Primetime (Original Air Date: August 30, 2013)

Alberta Prime TimeRight before the long weekend began, the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) asked the province to conserve electricity due to a combination of low wind, warm weather, and the power demands of the long weekend.


David Gray, president of Gray Energy Economics INC, is here to tell us more about electricity power shortage warnings and what we can expect.

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Residential Energy Consumers' Guide
Alberta Primetime (Original Air Date: June 12, 2013)

Alberta Prime TimeResidential Energy Consumers' Guide


David Gray, from Gray Energy Economics Inc has some new advice to help Albertans save money on energy bills.

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Electricity Costs
Alberta Primetime (Original Air Date: November 22, 2012)

Alberta Prime TimeThe Province is reviewing 41 recommendations aimed at making electricity prices more stable for consumers, but is it too little too late and what needs to be done to make electricity affordable for Albertans?


We speak with David Gray,Gray Energy Economics Inc. and Evan Bahry, Independent Power Producers Society of Alberta.

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