A.I.M. Process

Step 1: AUDIT


State of the Art Load Research

There's a limit to what you can do from an office. While many energy consultancies try to intuit what is going on with a customers' energy usage based on billing data, we go right to the source. Our unique metering technology allows us to take an "EKG" of your building's energy consumption, identifying exactly what is driving your energy demand.

Combined with our onsite survey process, we can identify and quantify the real world usage patterns of every energy consuming device in a business.



Business Process and Options Analysis

Saving you money on energy while costing you money, time or trouble for other aspects of your operation would not be smart. Using the information collected from your audit, we look at opportunities for using smart technology to manage your energy usage patterns.

Managing your energy usage should always come before locking in a position in the market. Optimizing your "load shape" can significantly reduce both energy and distribution costs. That's a smart use of smart technology.



Due Diligence in Action

Working with our network of Affiliated Vendors, we provide you with competitive quotes for energy efficiency and management measures. All Affiliated Vendors must meet our requirements for warranty support, technical capabilities and previous customer satisfaction.

Gray Energy Economics holds all vendor prices as absolutely confidential, ensuring a fair and competitive offer process. The decision on what to buy and how much to pay always remains with the customer. Following the installation of any equipment, we measure affected energy usage to confirm your savings.